Sergio Garcia told Tiger Woods he was nervous coming into this years US Open. Today, Garcia’s nerves gave way.  He started to fall apart on the 14th hole, (his 4th). The Implosion continued on the 15th hole. Garcia made a double bogey the 14th, then followed that with a quad-triple bogey 8 on his 5th hole.

If things weren’t already bad enough for the hot-tempered Spaniard, he boogied the 18th hole to go to 7 strokes over par after playing just 8 hole at the 113th US Open. If things don’t improve and improve quickly Garcia won’t be around on the weekend unless he is watching from the gallery.

Garcia did what he would this week to make amends for the comments he makes about Tiger Woods. He left a note in Tigers locker apologizing for the racist remarks he made a few weeks back. By the time the tournament started and then restarted Garcia was a basket case worrying about how the galleries would treat him.

He should have learned to tune it out as long as he has been on tour. If Sergio would have worried about his golf game as mush as he has worried about how the fans were going to treat him, he could be at the top of the leader-board. Garcia has the talent but it just may be his mental capacity that is holding him back.

Garcia was able to finally calm down a bit and he did make a birdie on hole number one, his 9th of the day….

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