You just have to be amused over the comments LeBron James made about the Indiana Pacers playing against the Miami Heat.  This year LeBron decided to take a different approach to his whining, He took to the media to say; “We’re not just another team’ to Indiana.”

James was referring to all the extras that took place during last season’s play offs. Last year there was plenty of Pushing, shoving, a few extra words. This season I expect the Pacers to be just as physical as they were last time they faced the Heat in the play-offs.

The problem is, so does LeBron James. He was made fun of in Indiana and he had a tough time dealing with it. His ego was bruised along with some other parts of his body. The Indiana fans were even making choke signs towards LeBron James.

The Heat are going to be in for a real  battle this Wednesday night when they take on the Pacers. James might think if he starts to complain early enough he can get the refs to see things his way. This is a guy that was talking about joining the NFL when the NBA season looked like a was last year. Now he wants to complain about some physical basketball.

Quit being a baby King James and get out there and do what is you do…..

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  1. Anonymous

    It would do you a lot of good to enroll in an English course and take a journalism 101 course before you print things that make no sense and are not factual. Lebron never made a comment about the Pacers physicality, he only replied to a question posed to him by reporters in response to the silly comments that the Pacers coach made about the Heat being “the next team, in their way” after Saturday’s game. So check your facts before you print things that make you look foolish and amateur.

    • LG

      Ya think???

  2. Go Pacers

    Funny how pieces of trash go looking on other teams’ websites to attempt to be argumentative. The plain truth is that Drag-queen James has cried about physical play, i.e. Da Bulls, which is hilarious when you know how physically Wade plays. And, yes James flops and whines to gain favor from the NBA refs who kiss Heat ass. In the future ass-nonymous, go post on your Heat page and stay off others’.

    • LG

      No here is a guy who obviously has seen LeBron play and cry….

  3. Chay

    Ridiculous!!! Malarkey!! This article is a waste of space on YardBarker and whomever approved the rough draft should be ashamed of themselves too!

    • LG

      Do you watch Basketball? Better yet do you watch LeBron play?


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