Missouri football star Michael Sam has come out and told the world he is a gay man, who wants to play NFL football. Some welcomed his announcement with open arms and some were not so kind. Huff Post has run an article much to my surprise called; 18 DISGUSTING Responses To Michael Sam, Gay Football Star, Coming Out.

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I read this article and wondered why they would do such a thing. While there are some in the NFL that say the National Football league isn’t ready for its first openly gay athlete, others are saying it makes no difference as long as he helps the team win.

There is little doubt about Sam being a distraction to any NFL team that takes the chance of drafting him. The media will make a circus out of Sam. The people who attend games may even throw insults about his sexual orientation if he doesn’t play well.

This is after all 2014. Some think it is about time people accepted others for what and who they are. It is clear by the article I am referring to here, some aren’t ready for this yet. You can click this link to see the Huff Post article if you would like. But I am warning you now, it isn’t very nice and it is very graphic in its content.

You can find the article here…

Don’t click the link if you have a low tolerance for this short of thing.



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