By Minister Thomas M. Bailey

My country tis of thee sweet land of liberty, is why we stopped singing this lie to our children. Seems to me every time one of our so called hero’s starts making common errors Liberty gets a bad rap. All ya gotta do check the history or his-story heck you know who’s story Mr. Media or any of his other names.All the ugly wrong stuff the camera an mic can conjure up for the sake of rating, that we turn into raw abusive conversation for the purpose of entertainment, causes me to question our sanity we not only cherish the idea hurting people we pine for it. This Nation of ours has become so boring that the only folk we don’t hear about is WWW Monday night smackdown etc.etc.! ,and our children are consumed with this fantasy of grown adults abusing one another and calling it sport,While the real sports figures are being plummeted aggressive sarcasm about everyday life mistakes and the kids don’t even care or understand what the heck adults are even talking about. So folks what posture do we take, stay the same old embarrassing  ,baffons or do we take back our own sanity?

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