With the preseason almost over and the San Francisco 49ers talking about playing 5 different quarterbacks in tonight’s game, it is clear that Jim Harbaugh has set the bar high. Perhaps Harbaugh is setting the bar a little to high.

They went out in the off season and made a trade to bring Colt McCoy to the 49ers. Harbaugh was reportedly ecstatic with McCoy when he first arrived to the Bay Area. Now it seems there is talk of the 49ers being willing to trade McCoy.

What a mistake this would be. McCoy has shown some good things this preseason and it isn’t his fault his team is getting penalties and his receivers are dropping passes. With McCoy Harbaugh knows he has a guy that would deliver 110%.

Now with the signing of back up Seneca Wallace, it is evident that Harbaugh is having a tough time making his mind up this season. He rushed to name McCoy number 2 in June and now he might be backing away from that statement.

Seneca Wallace is a guy that is all about himself. He is not a team player and he refuses to work well with others. For Harbaugh and the 49ers to sign Wallace one would think he is desperate. Wallace is a cancer on the sidelines.

He has no business being in San Francisco and it won’t take Harbaugh long to figure it out. With Kaepernick playing as well as he does, no other quarterback in San Francisco is going to impress Jim Harbaugh.

When the 49ers signed Kaepernick, it was like they won the lottery. There is only one of him to go around. Harbaugh should discontinue the search.


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