The Cleveland Indians returned home and blew out the White Sox. After the 12-5, Nick Swisher used the winning opportunity to voice his frustration with the Cleveland media.  Nick is very disappointed with the stories being written about the Tribes slow start to the 2014 season.

Swisher had this to say;

“We kind of got off to a rough start. There have been a lot of bad things written about this team in the papers. We pay attention to all that stuff.”

Come on Nick, don’t worry about what the media has to say about you or the Indians. You played for the Yankees for God’s sake, the media in the big apple is relentless when it comes to criticism. You should be used to it by now.

Here’s a thought for you Nick, instead of reading the paper, go out and take some more batting practice. Practice fielding ground balls. In other words practice doing your job better. Then maybe the Indians would be doing what it was you said they would be doing this season, “Taking care of Business.”

Sure the team is off to a slow start, but guys like Nick Swisher can’t use the media for an excuse. He needs to dig down inside of himself and do what it is he gets paid millions of dollars to do, play good baseball. He is a motivator in this Cleveland Indians line-up.

Instead of complaining about the media, maybe  Swisher could use it as a motivating factor for the rest of the Indians. After all, what was it the papers said about the team that wasn’t true. Sure there is a lot of baseball left to be played, but the Indians have stunk thus far this season.

They have what it takes no they need to use it to pull off a major winning streak like we saw them do last season.

Here’s the best advice I can offer you Nick Swisher, stop reading the paper until you get through with the season. If you don’t become constant winners this year, the media is going to continue to write the truth…. Never mind the fat the team won’t spend the money on pitching and a power hitter, the media forgets about that….




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  1. Anonymous

    Hey Swish, how about stopping some of those week ground balls up the line instead of letting them get by yo for cheap doubles. And a few hits would be nice too. Your batting average in comparison to your salary is the worst in the majors.

  2. Mike Bodnar

    Swisher, Cabrera and Bourne should give back some of the money they are getting paid, they do not deserve it!!!!!

  3. GeronimoSon

    There is only one newspaper in this market. There is only one beat writer from the one paper in this market. That one beat writer’s responsibility is to report news accurately and objectively. If that burden is being met, then Nick Swisher has nothing to base his comments on. If the objectivity is questionable or can be questioned, then he does.

    At the end of the day, the written press will have one less voice to hear from. That will be the end result. There is a clear and inescapable truth: there is no trust from the players on this team with the media that covers them..

    That’s the saddest commentary that can be derived from the comments by Nick Swisher. Very sad indeed.

    • LG



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