It doesn’t get much better in the National Football League than Adrian Peterson. The guy is an amazing running back and he is even more amazing off the field. It is too bad that some want to tie Peterson into an HGH scandal.

People are having a tough time accepting his amazing comeback from a crucial knee injury in 2012. The guy is amazing, you should just accept the fact that his hard work and determination to make a full recovery led to his amazing season in 2012.

Peterson has come forward to say he welcomes HGH testing in the NFL. He stated that he is all natural and there are still doubters making stupid statements to try and say Peterson may have used a substance to make a full recovery.

Why can’t these people just accept greatness when they see it. Every once in a while we see a guy in the NFL do things that no one else can do. Peterson is one of those guys. He was amazing before he blew out his knee and he was even more amazing when he came back.

Accept the fact that Adrian Peterson is a talented NFL running back. He made up his mind to be the best he could be and he went out and accomplished that goal. He isn’t done yet, so stop trying to taint his name and just enjoy the things he does on and off the field.

You only get a chance to observe greatness once in a lifetime. Sit back and enjoy it and stop trying to ruin this legacy.

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