There are some who think the Cleveland Browns are intentionally trying to tank the 2013 season to be in line for a better pick in the 2014 NFL draft. When head coach Rob Chudzinski picked Hoyer to start and the team started to win football games, some let go of the notion the Browns were trying to lose on purpose.

Now that Chudzinski is refusing to make a change at quarterback, some are thinking the team really does want to lose this season. Chud continues to say, Weeden must eliminate ‘critical mistakes.’  Hasn’t this rookie head coach realized, Weden is the critical mistake?

Couldn’t he see the difference in his team when Weeden wasn’t playing? After the Richardson trade went down. many thought the season was over. Then the team had new life and it was because of one change in the highly skilled position of quarterback.

The team was able to march down the field and not make bone headed mistakes and win a couple of football games. What is Chudzinski’s problem? Ho come he can’t notice how poorly Weeden plays? Does he think one day it is all going to click and Weeden is going to be the guy everyone can count on to bring home the wins?

Until Chud realizes that Weeden isn’t the guy the team is going to suffer. They benched Weeden once and they used the 3rd string QB to try to win. Now, the people who thought the team was going to tank the 2013 season may be right. Chudzinski isn’t helping the Browns win by sticking with Weeden.

We already know Weeden doesn’t have the mental capabilities to play QB in the NFL. Maybe Chudzinski doesn’t have the mental capabilities to make the tough decisions that go along with being the head coach.

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  1. ron

    my kids even say please exterminate the Weed…..there kids and its obvious to them. Hoyer in a wheel chair would do better

  2. Joe

    Dont you have anything new to write? You keep saying the same stuff over and over. Take the blinders off and open your small mind.

    • LG

      It new news, and it is about our Browns

  3. Thomas

    LG – While I totally agree with everything you say, I think your grammar is atrocious….maybe spell check before you publish articles. That’s a bad job out of you.

    • LG

      grammar is atrocious maybe spell check which is it? I do spell check and to tell you the truth probably suck at grammar just as bad as weenden sucks at being the QB for the Browns…..That’s it I am benching myself.

      • Editor

        You can’t even proof read your responses defending yourself? Are you paid to do this?

        • LG

          Millions just like they pay Weeeden. Why should I do my job right if he can get away with it? Come on man, I work a full time job and squeeze this in, so there are some writing errors, I am improving and trying to write better all the time. You get the meaning of the article…..

  4. You're Kidding, Right?

    If you don’t know that “already” is one word and not two, then you need to get out of journalism.

    We didn’t bench Weeden. He got hurt and was replaced by Hoyer who ended up playing pretty well and thus the staff stuck with him.

    I agree that Weeden needs to go, but it’s tough to give you any credibility when your facts aren’t straight, spelling isn’t correct, and your lack of grammer is astonishing.

    • LG

      Yes I saw Already was split up and you don’t understand where the benching comes onto play. When Weeden was cleared to play they still went with Hoyer against Buffalo. SO therefore, Weeden was benched in that game.

      • Maybe...

        Have you ever thought since we only have one other QB that we are kind of stuck with Weeden. In all honesty Campbell isn’s a safe bet either. If we had to pick one to start the better choice is Weeden. so maybe they just have to sit there with a thumb up their ass until maybe/hopefully someone or something comes along. Instead of bashing Chud like it’s his first choice to put Weeden in. Idiot.

        • LG

          Have you ever thought the other teams go out and sign guys how come the Browns can’t?

          • RTA

            I have to get into the habit of seeing who the author is before I read the article. The dribble LG consistently writes is an embarrassment to the web site. “other teams go out and sign guys…” Who are you suggesting they sign, and why would we sign a guy who couldnt make any of the 32 rosters? Tebow? Flynn b4 he signed with his 3rd team this year? Pay #3m to Campbell so he can complete 48% of his passes? The only the disappoints me more than reading this article is me spending the time to respond.

          • LG

            Hey they are the ones that signed Campbell and paid him the money to stand there and do nothing. Why did they bring him to Cleveland if they had no faith in him?

  5. Don

    The Browns are not going to win with Weeden or Campbell under center. Lets just hope we get lucky this year and win another game or two and WFNY. Weeden will either be gone next year or he will be the number three QB.

  6. Wesley Berger

    Ok guys, who do you guys think we should grab at this juncture? This is assured… THEIR IS NOBODY OUT THERE! If someone even mutturs the word Tebow I am going to loose it….

    • LG


  7. RICK

    Now that you have crucified Weeden and Chud, guess what? Weeden is still our QB as much as a lot of people regret it the only chance at the moment for us to stay in the playoff hunt. It is pretty tough to try and play when your getting beat over the head every day with neadless bashing and negativity. Even if he has a descent game and the Browns win there will be bashing so he is stuck in a bad situation. The team is still in the playoff hunt and we have to rally this guy on to have a chance. I know boo he sucks but this the hand that is dealt and I too would like to see Campbell get a chance but maybe there is something we don’t know about him going on. I think Weeden would play better if he heard cheers instead of jeers from the fans but thats just my opinion.He only has to play descent to give us a chance to win so we still have a chance and then they can fix the problem next year. This time last year the season was over so don’t bail yet. There is a lot of football to be played yet and we are in the hunt.

    • LG

      Rick, what the hell are you smoking,to put the name Weeden and play off hunt in the same sentence makes me worry about your football IQ.

      • RICK

        LG, I will wait to see how it plays out before I will judge so I will kick back with a cold one and and see what happens. I know you have sold out but that’s what we expect from you. I for one am sill expecting to make the playoffs with any QB we put in. My football IQ tells me we are still in the hunt and I’m not going to try to predict the future because it hasn’t played out yet. I’m sorry that the season is over for you but I will continue to be open minded about the rest of the year and see what happens.

        • LG

          rick, I had a lot of faith in this team when Hoyer was playing


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