Golfer Vijay Singh tried to do the right thing when he came forward months ago and admitted to using deer antler spray. At the time Singh didn’t realize the spray contained a banned substance that was on the PGA tour’s banned substance list. Now that he has been cleared of any wrong doing, he and his attorney filed a suit against the PGA tour.

Why on Earth is Singh taking this path? He is the one who came out and admitted to using the spray. Don’t misunderstand what I am saying here. Singh did the right thing by coming forward and admitting to using the spray.

The thing is, he used it. he is the one who should have made sure what ever he is using, meets the PGA’s requirements. It is the golfers responsibility to make sure he is within the rules set forward by the tour.

In my opinion, Singh is making a mistake by going forward with the suit. he should have let sleeping of let sleeping dogs along as they say. Now that he has filed suit, he is opening himself up to further problems.

Singh thought he had problems before, just wait until the people who attend golf tournaments see Vijay come down the fairway. The guy is going to get blasted. To go forward with this suit, is major mistake.

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  1. Frank Spero

    yes he is and I hope he wins and shuts those axxholes mouths for good

  2. geno k

    VJ was never the popular tour player and I expect this will just, from a fan’s perspective, elevate his arrogance and unpopularity. The boobirds will be out in force.


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