Tiger Woods can’t keep his love life out of the news. Just a few weeks back it was reported that, Elin Nordegren the ex-wife of Tiger Woods approved of the relationship between Woods and world-class skier Lindsey Vonn.

Now, U.S. Weekly is reporting that Nordegren “Hates Vonn.” What a difference a week or two makes. U.S. Weekly is reporting that Nordgren is mad a Woods. Gee, what a surprise that is. These two have been going back and forth since Nordgren discovered that Woods starting having affairs behind her back while she was pregnant with their children.

Is Elin angry with the fact that Woods and Vonn have had multiple excursions with Sam, 5, and Charlie, 4, Woods’ kids with Nordegren? Reportedly Nordegren didn’t even want Woods to have visitation with his children according to the report in US Weekly.

The same reports are saying that Woods is so egotistical, that he could care less about what Elin thinks. Apparently, things in the romance of Woods and Vonn aren’t as great as Vonn reported just days ago.

Woods and Vonn are going to have to deal with Nordegren for at least 14 more years, if their relationship last that long. The youngest child between Woods and Nordegren is only 4-years-old.

The road in Tiger’s love life is going to be filed with bumps, but that is the way Woods must like it. He is the one who went out and became unfaithful to the marriage vows he once took with Nordegren.

Vonn knows that, and this is a choice she made. Good luck with that….You can check out the U.S. Weekly story here….

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  1. SR31143

    The first line of this articles says .. “Tiger Woods can’t keep his love life out of the news”. That is so erroneous and is the epitome of false reporting. Does Tiger send articles to the media and ask them to publish them? No, he doesn’t! Does he call the paparazzi and ask them to follow him and Lindsay, or them with his kids? No, he doesn’t! So, it is the media which is responsible for putting his love life before the public.
    Tiger is not a murderer, pedophile or criminal or any kind. So, why should he not have visitation rights with his children? They are not only Elin’s kids – they are his too! Elin has never accused him of being a bad father and he certainly takes care of them very well financially. Tiger has agreed to Elin’s prior approval of every woman that Tiger has around their kids. Please tell me what can Elin possibly find wrong with Lindsey, a woman of impeccable character and an Olympic Gold Medalist who has represented the U.S.A. admirably, and is an inspiration for young American ladies of all races and ages.
    Perhaps, Elin is jealous of everything that Lindsey has going for her. After all, she came into this relationship with Tiger with her own money and investments Plus, Elin’s less than stellar model career and her expertise as a nanny pales badly in comparison to Lindsey’s gold and bronze Olympic medals and the races she has won in all five disciplines of the Alpine Games. And, while Lindsey might not be drop dead gorgeous, she is certainly a very attractive woman who possesses the poise and confidence of a woman who knows that she is the equal to any man or woman, and who simply oozes self esteem. So, that jealousy factor might not be that far-fetched!
    As far as the statement in the article that says that Tiger is so egotistical that he doesn’t care what Elin thinks”,
    is concerned. I’m a divorced woman and I couldn’t care less about what my ex-husband thinks either. And it doesn’t have a thing to do with ego; it has to do with the fact that we have both moved on. Does anyone reading this article really believe that Tiger Woods is the only divorced person whose ex isn’t at the top of his favorite person list, or whose ex is not pleased with something he does? No – not if you’re being truthful and realistic!
    One last point. Does anyone truly think that Elin would even be mentioned in a magazine article or any other media format if she wasn’t Tiger’s ex-wife? Again, no, because it isn’t as if she was a supermodel before she married Tiger and therefore a celebrity in her own right. None of this happened until after her marriage to the World’s No. 1 golfer.
    Elin’s got her $110 million settlement and Tiger is adhering to the conditions of the divorce. So, perhaps Elin should just concentrate on her relationship with her billionaire man, and leave Tiger and the woman in his life alone!


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