LeBron James may want another championship ring a little more than his other Miami Heat Teammates do. James put in 29 points and was hit with a technical foul in-game 6. The other two members of the big 3 were useless.

LeBron might be a great player but he can’t beat the Indiana Pacers by himself no matter what some think. James needs some help and he isn’t getting the support it takes to win over a team as good as the Pacers.

Wade and Bosh were useless in-game 6. They looked flat and they didn’t do much to help James. Wade scored 10 points and Bosh only scored 5 points. How can the Heat beat the Pacers with performances this poor coming from 2 of the big three?

It is coming down to the wire for the Heat. They are returning to Miami for game 7 that takes place Monday night and if LeBron doesn’t get some help from his teammates, there are going to lose game 7. The Indiana Pacers know what they have to do to win game 7.

They are hungry for a championship in Indiana and the Heat looks like they aren’t. At least 2 out of the 3 big 3 anyway. LeBron better rally his troops if he wants another ring or a shot at getting another ring. Things aren’t looking good for the Heat now.

The Pacers are making this trip to Miami with one thing on their minds. That is to beat the Heat in-game 7 and good to the Finals. I think they can do it.

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