Here we go again, another athlete being accused of an assault, only to have his lawyer come out and tell the media it was consensual sex. If the sex between Jameis Winston and his accuser was indeed, consensual sex, why would it take a DNA test coming back positive to admit to it?

Strange as it may sound, people have consensual sex all the time. Many of them have unprotected sex as well. Tim Jansen the attorney who is presently representing the Florida State quarterback, may want to consider giving his clients better advice.

If he would have told his client to be forthright with the onset of this investigation, he wouldn’t have to be worrying about his clients reputation being harmed when the results of a DNA test came out. If his client did indeed have consensual sex with this woman, than why not just say so in the first place.

They may have salvaged any reputation Winston had left before the DNA test results somehow made their way onto ESPN. Now the case turns into he said, she said. Jasen said, there are a couple of witnesses that can testify that the sex was  consensual.

I’ll bet if he would have marched all these people into the Tallahassee prosecutors office to tell their story, this case could have been put to rest. It’s a funny thing when people tel the truth. Somehow things work themselves out. This is a classic case of someone being less than truthful.

I would like to think Mr. Winston had more sense than to force himself on an unwilling partner. It is difficult to believe this young lady would be out to harm this quarterback at this stage of his career. After all he isn’t in a position of making millions of dollars playing in the NFL yet.

What does she have to gain from this? Her motives can’t be money driven as you would believe if Winston was making millions playing football.

This case is going to get more interesting than it already is, and Winston may want to consider hiring himself a better attorney. To come out and call this consensual sex only after a DNA test came back positive, leaves a lot to the imagination.

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  1. Joe Graham

    How on earth do you arrive at the presumption that the lawyer’s first PUBLIC statement about consensual sex — a statement he specifically said he felt compelled to make only because of all the nonpublic information being leaked — is actually the lawyer’s first ever statement to anyone in the universe about conseusual sex?! The two affidavits the lawyer has been crowing about for 2 weeks now apparently both discuss how it was consensual sex, and how this was not the first two Winson and this girl have hooked up. Both of those affidavits were signed months ago. This blog post is a perect example of how stupid people think. “Durrr…it’s news to me so it must be news to the police…durrr.”

    • LG

      Then why did he wait until after the positive DNA test to come out and hold this big Media day?

      • Aubrey

        Because lawyers usually prefer not to try cases in the media and also because what the media thinks does not matter. Just like what an ignorant fool like you thinks does not matter!


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