Tigers Woods may have been sent a message when he hit the flag-stick on the 15th hole yesterday. The message could have been sent, by the golfing spirits that surround Augusta National Golf Club, that message could be , not this year Tiger. You aren’t going to claim your 5th green jacket this year at the Masters.

Augusta National was founded by Booby Jones, one of the greatest amateur players in the history of the game. He never took a cent for playing golf. His entire career was built on the  premise of golf being a game of honor.

Tiger Woods is not a man of honor. To be a man of honor one has to have the ability to keep his word. Woods stood in front of God once and took the vows of marriage. We all know what happened after that.

Woods showed the world, he wasn’t a man of honor. In doing so, he demonstrated poor judgement. Is this the kind of person Booby Jones would want to wear a green jacket? I think not. If Woods doesn’t win a green jacket this year, his chances of doing so will diminish greatly each year. He is 37-years-old now and time is running out for him to catch the Golden Bear.

Woods started his day at Augusta at 2 under par today. Saturday is known as moving day at the Masters and moving is just what Tiger has done today. He is moving backwards. Through 6 holes Woods has lost a stroke to par, and is only 1 under par thus far in the 2013 Masters.

At this point in Tiger’s career, you would think he would know how to take a drop. The 2 strokes for the illegal drop he took in the second round is icing on the cake.





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