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Jason Collins, you are as memorable as afterbirth sure the birth resulted in a child, but there was a lot of nastiness before during and after, Really Jason why don’t you take your twelve forgettable years as every teams 12 th man, holy hell folks twelve years and six teams later you sack up took a big payday and “came out”. Twelve forgettable years later, your career all but over, ballsy my ass. America please do not put this fudge packing, stool pusher  in the same breath as Jackie Robinson, when Robinson broke the color barrier he still had a career, this hack broke no barrier. Others have come out before you, after their careers were over just like you. This will not end well for Collins, he will never play in the NBA again, Collins maybe excepted in the looker room because everybody will make sure they shower after he leaves the building, the Ownership will not want the circus that will follow this douche bag. The Christian crazies will be out in full force misquoting the bible and making themselves look stupid at every game he is at protesting him as the Glaad group will be there supporting him, this fire storm not the pain he gets from a night of un lube pleasure. Jason Collins will be a afterbirth in Americana, Forgettable, Now many of you are saying Russell your gay bashing, your anti gay, nope I am a Lesbian myself, for I love Women!. America you can follow me on twitter@russellreedshow and like me on facebook@therussellreedshow, and don’t forget to log into The Russell Reed Show every Friday on streamingsporttalkcom 7-8 eastern.

until next time America.

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