Josh Cribbs may have just done irreversible damage to his loyal Cleveland fan base. After the Jets lost to the Bengals 49-9, Cribbs felt it necessary to make a comment about his former team the Cleveland Browns. Cribbs said the Jets are not a team that gives up, unlike the Browns.

Cribbs may have just turn the entire city of Cleveland against him. He was one of the most loved sports heroes in Cleveland where he spent the majority of his professional NFL career.

Cribbs may have hostile feelings towards the team that wouldn’t let him finish his NFL career on the roster, but he has now turned the fans who loved him against him. He should have thought before he spoke. He always was one of the most vocal players in the looker room.

Cribbs never had a problem telling the media what was on his mind and this time he may have went a little too far. The fans were still in support of the return man and he was even a co-host on one of Cleveland’s football shows before signing with the jets.

The last thing the fan base in Cleveland ever expected, was a comment from Josh Cribbs slamming their Browns. He certainly has made a few enemy’s with his comment and he should think about what he says the next time. It is going to take some time for all the Cleveland based Cribbs fans to get over this one.

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