Is Josh Gordon one of the dumbest people you ever heard of? Not only was the Cleveland Browns receiver speeding over the Memorial day weekend, someone was smoking marijuana in his car. Are you kidding me? Does this guy want to get thrown out of the NFL?

If you are going to be smoking pot, while your driving a car, you shouldn’t speed. Gordon was pulled over for speeding in Strongsville, Ohio a city just south west of Cleveland. It was like any other traffic stop, until the cop smelled the pot coming out of Gordon’s car.

Gordon was not cited for possession, but a passenger his his vehicle was. Even if Gordon wasn’t partaking in the smoking of marijuana in his car, he would test positive for marijuana. You can’t be driving around the city in a car full of burning pot, and not have it in your blood stream.

Gordon isn’t very smart. He not only was speeding, he was exposing himself to a life long suspension from the NFL.

How is this going to affect, Gordon’s appeal of his anticipated indefinite suspension. It can’t win many over at the NFL headquarters.  Browns general manager Ray Farmer said; “We’re gathering information regarding the situation.”

Gordon needs a full-time baby sitter. He is obviously to dumb to be left to wonder around on his own.


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