By Minister Thomas M. Bailey

Okay lets all get together and kill the killer of children. Do we not have the right to hunt down rabid dogs capture and destroy them. Whats the difference,between a dog and a black man,Zimmerman and our justice system. do we ever expect the system to change. It’s a tragic time for our country that in all these years of battle we are no further than Jim Crow with mask on. Look at Jim Crow “High ho Silver”, yes it’s the Lone Ranger. Ironic of course it is did you really expect Django to stay in the peoples mind as the hero.

Nooooo,all dressed  in black.  I haven’t loss my thought just trying to get the readers to dialog. Zimmerman is the Lone Ranger.He does’nt get as much as a scratch, from Justice the so called color blind lady with scales of justice in her hand. This man was told by the representative of Justice not to pursue this child that’s right ,and he should if nothing else, he interfered with investigation of the officers that he himself called.

We are angry and yes we have a right to be, injustice at any level is a hard pill to swallow. Yet right how would you like to be (George Zimmerman,)free and hated by most of all the people in the media not so much Zimmerman but what he represents. BUY giving permission  to every racist bastard in america using the Zimmerman trial as a basis for freedom from prosecution, declaring open season on all not just black but all people of color.

The skinheads,the John Burkes, and last but not the least K.K.K.. Florida you need to rethink what you just did the ramifications might just bite you in the but. This whole trial stinks of white supremacy. America do we really want to relive the riots, protest,and marshall law.What would be the gain, don’t expect our President to do any thing remember he’s a people President not just a black peoples President.

So as Martin L. King did, an showed us what to do, we need to pray,Collectively on one accord that our voice be heard as one voice. reaching high into Gods ear.We need supernatural power right now. Satan is at work, folks is out here cursing one another, fighting ready to die for their belief . Stop ask yourself who is the real enemy.

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