The Ohio State Buckeyes earned their fourth win of the season with a 76-0 butt-kicking over the less fortunate Florida A&M.  The Buckeyes starting quarterback Kenny Guiton threw 6 touchdown passes in the game.

The Buckeyes were favored to win the game by 57 points. It is obvious the team isn’t playing anyone that can contend with the Mighty OSU Buckeyes. The fans wonder why the team isn’t rated higher in the AP poll, take a look at the team’s they are beating so far this season.

Hopefully the Buckeyes won’t forget how to play football when it comes time to play a big ten school. The Buckeyes may as well be playing high school teams in some of these games. They probably would have given Ohio State a better game.

The AP isn’t going to rank the Buckeyes higher in their poll until the team plays team’s on their own level. Florida A & M looked foolish going up against the number 4 ranked Buckeyes. Nothing Florida did could slow down Guiton and the OSU offense.

It was almost to the point of ridiculous. I mean it was like going up against a tank with a water pistol. The Buckeyes dominated every aspect of this football game. Florida had 80 yards of total offense in the game, 30 yards passing and 50 yards rushing the ball.

The Ohio State Buckeyes had 388 yards rushing the ball and another 215 yards passing the football. This game should have been billed as a comedy. That is how funny it was to watch. It is hard for anyone to take this game very seriously. The Buckeyes really have to start beating good team’s if they want the AP to take them seriously.

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  1. Dennis

    the only reason Ohio St. played Florida A&M is because a SEC team chickened out on coming to play and left Ohio St. looking for a game with little options… so don’t blame Ohio St.

    • LG

      We are not blaming OSU we are just saying it is hard to get top ranked if you aren’t playing and beating top ranked team’s.

  2. Anonymous

    why not go after the team that backed out of the game with OSU. That may make more of a story. Oh i guess thay ( SEC) are paying you too.

  3. rob kimble

    come on really….. everybody plays a couple of soft games


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