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Ok now, Kevin Ware you can crawl back under the rock you came from. Your fifteen minutes of fame are over.

Can somebody please tell me how this bum got famous, how he became heroic,  HE IS A BENCH PLAYER!!!. there is nothing heroic about breaking your leg in half, and saying don’t worry about me just go out there and win the game, hey ass clown great Gipper speech, Your No Gale Sayers and your leg sure as hell isn’t Brain Piccolo, and you are not the Pride of the Yankees.

There are real hero’s coming home from the Middle East in coffins and coming home missing limbs, but this ass jockey is famous and is a hero for being able to spear fish with his leg. Enough already America PUT DOWN THE KOOL AID, if his leg went snap crackle and pop during the regular season nobody would give a crap, But do it on TV and you’re a hero, Well all you kool aid drinking douche bags let me tell you who heroes are.

They are the men and women who are serving in our armed services, they are our first responders, they are the one who put there lives First in order for others to live, those are heroes, those are people that nobody knows, they give of them selves.

So Kevin Ware, take your tee shirts and please for the love of God crawl back to your spot on the end of the bench, or if you really want to be a hero climb up 100 floors of a burning building and try to save lives before the building crumbles, better yet learn what it takes and drop what you’re doing walk away from a multi million dollar contract and enlist in the Army and give your life, something tells me your no Pat Tillman. Join me every Friday 7 est, for the Russell Reed show only on and follow me on Twitter and on Facebook

Kevin Ware Please Disappear



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