By Minister Thomas M. Bailey

How can you deny a mother her right to support her son while he participates in such a dangerous sport as basketball I mean what if he trips over the little guy  and injures himself.

Wow wouldn’t that be some thing to talk about . I can see it Lebron James trips over a midget falls and destroys his ACL, game over. Truly some had to be thinking,David and Goliath,in a last ditch effort to try and salvage a game.

Lets thank King James for showing some consideration for the Bulls for not sweeping the floor like he did in game 4, this time he let them go with some dignity in tack! I say all hale to the Queen for caring enough,to stay in the game with her son the King. At least this mom knows where her son is and what he’s doing ! Some people just don’t know what to say out of their mouth its disgusting.

So writer although you have the right to freedom of the press you really don’t have to let the world know how ridiculous your infantile mind really works.

Where is your Mom and what is she saying about you opponents ,how does she show her interest in what you do for a living . Oh you can’t come up with nothing, see that’s why you need to just shut it down clown and don’t try playing the dozens with the Kings fans. Talking about something you didn’t even hear yourself!

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