With all the new developments with the Cleveland Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon, Cleveland area media mogul John Gorman can’t understand how the NFL could let a guy like Jimmy Haslam III, own the Cleveland Browns.

Reports of receiver Josh Gordon failed drug test were available as early as the end of March. The Browns themselves knew about the failed drug test as early as the beginning of April.

Yet, Haslam III and new Cleveland Browns general manager Ray Farmer,decided to bring these reports, to the Browns coaching staffs attention.

Gorman had this to say;

The NFL have should introduce a “stupid test” to weed out (pardon the pun) those that should not be allowed to own a team. Money can procure a NFL team but it can’t buy intelligence and class. Now we learn that Josh “Peter Tosh” Gordon was notified of his pot positive drug test result at the end March. Sometime in April, Jimmy Haslam and Ray Farmer, his new GM, learned of Gordon’s test results. But neither one informed the coaching staff. So who did the Browns draft with their first pick? A cornerback. Yet, they could have had the top wide receiver in the draft! Fact: No NFL player has ever reversed a drug test decision. Was Jimmy thinking he could influence the NFL’s decision to look the other way with the help of a wad of Pilot/Flying J gas trade coupons?

He brings up some valid points. Maybe team owner Jimmy Haslam III, thought he could buy his way out of the failed drug test, much of the same way he has avoided being indicted in the Pilot Flying J, rebate scandal.

Gorman also brings up a valid argument, that No NFL player has ever reversed a drug test decision.

The Browns could have had a top-notch wide receiver in this years draft. Instead they traded away the teams 4th pick and let one of the best available receivers  go to the other end of Lake Erie.

Today we learn the free agent receiver the Browns signed, has re-fractured his arm.

though two rounds of the 2014 NFL draft, Cleveland has not taken a wide receiver. From the evidence we are seeing over the last 24 hours, it looks as though the Cleveland Browns are going to have trouble filling their needs at wide receiver this season.

But don’t worry Browns fans. Jimmy Haslam III, took the advice of a home-less person and he brought the guy to the Cleveland Browns , the fans want to see……


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  1. JIM V

    to all my fellow Browns fans. I suggest that we bombard the Cleveland Browns and the NFL in whatever way possible, by e-mails text messages or letters that we want to know why in March that Gordon was notified,( which I’m sure also the Browns management) that he had failed a drug test! If true, that the coaching staff was not told of this prior to the draft? this is unacceptable! We are the ones (FANS) that pay the bills! just like our taxes that are so misused by the politicians in Washington DC. I have written this several times since I have been on 360 until we start hitting the Browns in the NFL in their pocketbooks there will be no changes! Over 60 years of being a Browns fan I am sick and tired of seeing the same crap year after year since 1999. We are being scammed! Jerry Jones the owner of the Cowboys stated he was very high on Johnny football! So my question is, why did they not draft him? So many friends are acting like he is the Savior of the Cleveland Browns! What makes you think that he is? is not even had a summer camp. Why has it taken from March until the draft for us fans to hear about this? It is real simple, if he tested positive, and it is felt to be a false positive, then retest him. this does not require five or six weeks to determine! I love the Cleveland Browns! But all I’ve seen since 1999 is a thin shell of the old Cleveland Browns! we are being screwed but apparently were enjoying it???

  2. james kirk

    We did fill glaring holes , we are better .
    We may or may not lose Gordon , management seems to know something I don’t

    I trust these guys .


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