Eric Wedge, the manager of the Seattle Mariners has to be fit to be tied, about now. he watched as his former team the Cleveland Indians took 4 in a row from his Seattle Mariners this weekend. The series, which concluded today could have gone any worse for the Mariners. The Indians out played Wedge’s team and they made Justin Smoak look stupid while doing it.

Smoak looked like a guy playing in his first major league game. today when the Mariners had the opportunity to at least take one game from the Indians, Smoak was making mistake after mistake.

Smoak dropped 2 balls that could have helped the Mariners cause. he gave the Indians a couple of extra outs in today’s game and he learned the hard way along with Wedge, a team this red-hot doesn’t need any help. The Indians have been on fire during the month of May.

Smoak helped them continue to burn. The problem was it was his Mariners that took the beating. If he could have caught the balls today thrown his way, they could have had a better chance to take game 4.

Instead, he made an every play look complicated.  Wedge, by all rights should be on the phone to his farm club calling up someone who can catch the baseball to play first base. Smoak should be on a greyhound bus making the trip down to triple A until he learns how to make a play.

He didn’t help the Mariners in Sunday’s game either. he blew another play any major league first baseman would have made. for that one, he caught a dirty look from Hernandez.


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  1. Anonymous

    Mariners need to change Smoak for a starting pitcher.Morales can play at first like he did well in los angeles and use ibanez and bay like dh..jose suarez


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