According to a tweet by Mary Kay Cabot, Browns beat reporter for the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Melanie Weeden, the Browns quarterback’s wife, threw him a 30th birthday bash over this past weekend. She flew in friends and family from all over to take part in the gala.

She might be expecting the worst with Weeden getting set to start against the Detroit Lions this weekend. Weeden won’t turn 30-years-old until Monday following the game. Weeden took a vicious hot from the Lions defensive tackle,¬†Ndamukong Suh in the preseason and maybe Weeden’s wife didn’t think he would be around following Sunday’s game.

She probably used this family gathering to ask family members if Weeden has a prepaid burial plot somewhere and if there were per-arranged plans in case something bad happens. ¬† Weeden himself has said, he wasn’t going to let Suh get into his head heading into the game, but how can he not?

Suh is one player looking to pad his stats in this weeks game. He only has 2 sacks this season and 16 tackles to go along with one forced fumble. Suh could surpass those numbers in the game against the Browns alone, that’s if Weeden survives the first half.

It had to be nice for Weeden to see his friends and family to celebrate his 30th birthday before it actually happens. Only God knows if he will be able to enjoy the day itself, after facing the Lions and Ndamukong Suh. This might be a good time for Weeden to check his disability policies and make sure the premiums are paid up to date. You only turn 30 once, and for the Weeden’s they have to be hoping it actually happens.

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  1. RICK

    LG, I’m glad that you are concerned for your favorite player. Something tells me that you weren’t invited. I wonder what the rest of the players did for their birthdays. (Like anybody gives a crap)


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