By Minister Thomas M. Bailey

Some guys have all the luck. With all this baby mama drama, why did’nt some one tell the rest of us. Michael this is an amazing piece of news. When I was a young man I lost my Achilles tendon as a result I walk with a limp, technology had not found a material strong  enough to tie my tendon back together. It took almost thirty years for me to hear that technology had in fact found a material.WOW,and today you’re telling me that vasectomies can be reversed. the last I heard they were not reverseable. Do you think considering our present ability to divulge information that some one could have made this known to the public. So that our present population explosion from babies raising babies could have eliminated the fear of young men, the fear of losing their sowing of  wild oats. Michael you ducked a great responsibility to your self, but the example of not being male whore has been eluded from, and what about the men daughters who you used in the process, now they to have become whores. Do not get mad when your seed does the same thing (fruit don’t fall to far from the tree). This is another example of the misuse of the gift of science. Every imagination of mans heart was, is evil continually. If you know your history I need not say more. Oh yeah hope your babies be alright, with your new set of rhinestones cause they shonuff aint O ri gi Nal. People tried to duck age with plastic surgery, it turned on them and bit them hard. these sciences were given to us to help those that had real need! Enjoy your new virginity. Can she fix that thang so its new too.

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