You wonder why America is going soft. The head coach at Rutgers was fired for verbally abusing some of his players and pushing them around a bit. Mike Rice  may be a hot head, but when I grew up and played sports, the coaches even on the little league teams treated players like this.

Rice used extreme tactics that even made NBA star LeBron James take to twitter to complain about him. Now, they fired Rice. The guy was doing what he thought would create a better teem. Sure he could have used a little more tact while performing his duties.

The point is players need a certain amount of toughness to get out there and compete.  These days America is bringing up a bunch of soft people. In the days of World War II we would have lost if they didn’t have the toughest army in the world right here in the good old United States of America.

Now, they probably can;t even raise their voice to recruits in boot camp….

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