By Minister Thomas M. Bailey

My mother made me do a lot of things murder is not one of them.  So what his mother got stabbed she survived. So here we go making excuses again for the negative behavior of a grown man, who not only finished high school, graduated college, and became a pro football player. Now some idiot wants us to have sympathy because his mother made bad choices. America lets get real. I know some things are hard to imagine.,  Let’s see if I can make sense of this thing, first what is point blank,( or I can not miss) I know my target and others see the crime that know me as well as the victim. Not only do they assist the police with infallible details of the crime that there is no doubt of my guilt. People remember the saying mitigating circumstances, it actually means that something  happened that caused the reaction by Hernandez. Something so traumatic that it took five shots before he returned to reality. Now tell me how in the world can anyone have the least doubt that he must have really love this guy, what other explanation could there be. He shot him over a violation of trust I would like to know what was said that would cause someone to murder not just kill their best friend. Someone out there talk to me quick. I’m about to loose my mind up in here. The person or persons that thought it would be genius to incorporate Hernandez’s mother into this story must have been hatched. The rhonchier  the writing the more hits you are going to get is this how we do it now. His mothers life and how she lived it has nothing what so ever to do with her sons situation. Did you no that your mother was a  oh yeah we found out, so tell us about you before we tell you about her.

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