Jimmie Johnson was the fastest guy on the track at the final practice session before the start of the Pure Michigan 400. The UN-thinkable happened and he crashed his car hard into the wall coming out of the turn and now moves from his third qualifying spot to the back of the field for tomorrows race.

Johnson was the fastest guy on the track in the final practice session. He knew the car was loose and he was having problems trying to get the car to turn just like so many of the other drivers today. The crew was already getting their back up car out of the trailer before Johnson even made it to the garage area after the crash.

Johnson had the number 3 starting position and was one of the guys who could sure give Joey Logano a run for his money in the race. Now the speed of 203.47 MPH does nothing to help Johnson at the start of tomorrows race. Johnson will have to work his way through the other 43 cars that will be in front of him.

The crew knew the set up on the race car and with a little hard work today, they should be able to give Johnson’s back up car the same kind of speed. It will be interesting to see just how many laps it takes for Johnson to work his way up front in the race.


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