With women in NASCAR, it seems there is always going to be a drama taking place. When Jennifer Jo Cobb, pointed her finger in the direction of Mike Harmon, over her missing transported, she had no idea what kind of mess she was making. Or did she?

Harmon took to twitter to defend himself against the charges Cobb had filed against him. He tweeted this;

I want it known that I have never stolen so much as a piece of bubble gum in my life. I did not take JJC hauler, there is no video of me any

Harmon wasn’t done tweeting yet, he also had this tweet to send out;

where near her shop. Today she was the windshield & I was the bug, but when we get in FEDERAL court in a couple wks there’s a boulder coming

Cobb said; “It is my sole concern to get the transporter back so that we can make Friday night’s NASCAR Camping World Truck Series race at Charlotte Motor Speedway.” If that is the case she should have solicited the help of guys like Harmon to look for the transporter. Pointing the finger without sufficient prof is not the way to make friends,  especially yon the NASCAR truck circuit.

Harmon and Cobb have a history and things between them were already messy. Now with her pointing the finger at him over this missing transporter, the mess just got a lot bigger. Talk about bad blood. This one is going to linger on for years to come.

It should make for some interesting racing if she can ever get her truck to the track.


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  1. paul purtle

    Could the spelling in this article be worse?

    • LG

      Yes….It could

  2. Boris

    Why is it no surprise that a Nascar driver doesn’t know the difference between “where” and “we’re”?

    • Anonymous

      Apparently you don’t

  3. Billie

    Interesting but might want to start proof reading your article before you post it.

  4. Anonymous

    What the hell?

  5. Anonymous

    how about hiring me to find the hauler call 561 215 7433

  6. Sue

    Sounds like the writer’s very sexist and very much against women in Nascar. Not all women bring drama. Police bring charges against people, not citizens, such as Cobb. Even if she did point her finger at him, which she didn’t according to a more reputable unbiased article, police can’t arrest someone based on that. If they did, all hell would break lose. I don’t like you, so I’ll accuse you of something, you’d be arrested, and we’d all be in jail. That’s the most obsurd thing I’ve ever heard.

  7. Bubba

    I cry for the death of the English language.

    • LG

      Bubba, The quotes were written by Harmon and pasted into the article the way they are. No Changes have been made.

  8. Joe Pratt

    Dumb chicks….not only is this douche holding up traffic on the track, now her bleeding puss is jamming up the legal system with B.S.

    • Toni

      Wow, you sound like a productive model citizen. Asshole

  9. jack carlton

    I know one thing a transporter is a hard thing to hide. Not taking up for Harmon but what the hell would he do with it. Part it out? That would take about 5 minutes to get around NASCAR. It would sure take care of his career. I would tend not to believe it.

    • LG

      Jack you hit the nail on the head, how can someone hide something that big?

    • Anonymous

      he put it in a race shop he is a asshole


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