The Auburn football program is coming under fire, first it was changing grades and paying players, today it is drug use violations. When the NCAA gets done investigating Auburn, I suspect they will be handing down some stiff penalties.

The new allegations coming out say, there was alleged use of synthetic marijuana by members of the 2010 Tigers team that won the BCS national championship. This is the first time I heard of synthetic marijuana, I don’t even know what it is.

Auburn officials responded late Thursday by calling the allegations baseless and inaccurate. What else could we expect them to say? Every time a college gets busted breaking the rules, the first thing they do is deny the allegations. Auburn is acting much in the same way other schools have acted.

The NCAA has to decide if head coach Gene Chizik ran a dirty program at Auburn. The 2010 team was led by NFL quarterback Cam Newton who now plays for the Carolina Panthers.  The drug is question has a street name of spice.

Thus far, there has been no information implicating Newton.  He did however come out and make these comments; ”I’m going to let the right people to talk about it,” “Of course I’m concerned, but I think the truth will come out.” Yes the truth has a way of coming out in these NCAA investigations.

It is funny how long it takes to do a NCAA investigation. When they find out what goes on behind the scenes,  so many rumors  come to the surface first it is hard to know who to believe. One thing is for certain. Auburn is going to have its fair share of problems. By the time the NCAA gets done with them, they will be lucky to have a football program left.

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