With the return of the NFL season comes the start of tailgating. Some people have given this chance to party before the game a lot of effort. People just love to gather in their favorite tailgating spot to eat drink and take part in their favorite pregame rituals.

There is nothing like it in the world to the dedicated football fans all over the country. Some get down to their parking lots hours before the games start to pick out their favorite spot. Others just simply show up a couple of hours before game time to get some great original tailgating food and a couple of beers.

Some create fancy tailgating buses and trucks that sport their favorite NFL teams colors while other simply decorate their cars come game day. Please take a minute of your time and take our brief survey and tell us what some of your favorite NFL tailgating habits are.

Then enjoy this fine NFL weekend that is coming upon us. Have fun and remember to drink responsibly at your next tailgating event. Just click the link below and the tailgating survey will pop up allowing you to answer the multiple choice questions….

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