Today Browns offensive coordinator, Norv turner got right to the point about what led to the Brandon Weeden Benching. Turner came right out and said, Weeden missed plays he knows the team could have made according to a Plain Dealer report.

If you watched the Browns play the Packers last week, you would have seen the look of disgust on Turners face in the coaches box. Each time Weeden over-threw a pass, the cameras would focus on Turner.

His face told the story. Norv has been around some talented NFL quarterbacks throughout his coaching career. He can tell Weeden isn’t one of them. Turner went on to say, the Packers have a good football team, their defense presented some things to stop the Browns.

But he still thought the offense of the Cleveland Browns could have performed at a higher level.

Turner said about the Weeden benching, I’d hate to get too specific, “We played against Green Bay and they’re an awfully good defense. They presented some real challenges for us, but there are plays that Brandon could’ve made and he knows he could’ve made them.”

Turner and the entire Browns organization had high hopes for his cannon arm. But it is becoming clear, he doesn’t have the tools needed to lead the team where the coaching staff wants to go.

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  1. Rico

    Cannon arm. BB brain.


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