Last night Wilkins Santiago set out with one goal in mind, that goal was getting to 8-0 in the squared circle with win over veteran fighter Mustafah Johnson in the middleweight division. Santiago  trained hard for the fight and he knew he had a good chance to come away with his 8th win.

He is one of those guys you just have to love, he has the heart of a warrior and he has never forgotten where he comes from. Santiago is from Lorain, Ohio and when he is not in the ring, he is one of the nicest guys you could come across. All that changes once he climbs through those ropes, he is all business.

Mustafah Johnson has been around the fight game for a long time. He has fought some guys who held the championship belts at the time of his fights. This was a decent test of Santiago’s skills to see how he would fair with the more experienced Johnson.

Santiago, passed the test, he came away from the fight with a unanimous decision over Johnson. All 3 judges saw Santiago win the fight, they scored it 59-55, 59-56, 60-54 and it couldn’t have happened to a more humble guy.

Santiago controlled the fight, using a body attack on the seasoned veteran. “He told me after the fight that I tore his body up,” Santiago said. “I heard him grimacing a few times.”

Wilkins Santiago deserved to win this fight. There’s no one in the game that works as hard as Wilkins does getting ready for a fight and now there are just 2 Undefeated guys in the northeast Ohio area, Santiago is one of them and Michael Moore is the other guy.

It would be great to see these 2 guys climb into the ring and one of them has to lose. I think I would put my money on Wilkins Santiago.    Congratulations to Wilkins Santiago for his victory over Johnson and his 8-0 record.

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  1. Ali

    Santiago is a beast hes whoop Mike at 54 but no need Santiago is a 147.Anyone who knows about boxing should know that sounds like another armchair promoter trying to talk out the side of there neck !


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