Browns fans are shocked by the news of trading Trent Richardson. What they don’t understand, if the fact that he failed to produce as a 3rd over-all pick in the NFL draft should. Here is one big reason Willis McGahee  makes more sense to the Browns, than keeping Trent Richardson did.

Average yard per carry. During the 2012 NFL season Richardson averaged 3.6 yards per carry. McGahee averaged 4.4 yards per carry. That is almost a full yard more than Richardson. Football is a game of inches. The Browns missed a first down in Baltimore last Sunday by about an inch.

McGahee averages about 28.8 inches more per carry than Trent Richardson did. Why not go with a guy that can bring more yards per carry to your team. Lots of people are upset that the Browns got rid of Richardson. The guy had a problem hitting the holes quick enough and that you cannot blame on the offensive line problems.

McGahee might not be the best running back in the NFL, but if he is healthy and the Browns use him as their starting running back, not only will he add more yards per carry to the team, he will help to protect the quarterback too.

Richardson wasn’t a very good pass blocker either. That too is something that gave the Browns former number one draft pick a problem. We saw it last season in the Denver Game. He could pass block to save his own mother and he got injured trying to do so.

McGahee will give the Browns more experience the back field, more yards per carry if things go right and a change that could help this offense acquire more first downs.  He is more dimensional that Trent Richardson and soon the Cleveland fans will see it. If he is healthy and the team signs him of course.

McGahee also has 4 NFL season with over 1,100 yards rushing, he can also catch the ball out of the backfield.

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