The Cleveland Browns are basically starting over again this season. They hired a new coaching staff, some of the fan favorites probably won’t be back, and the team has a new general manager in Ray Farmer. Jimmy Haslam III has kept the ticket prices the same as last season.

Apparently, that isn’t enough for some fans. Look at this long time season ticket holders reaction to receiving his order form in the mail yesterday, he even offered some advice for others who may have gotten theirs;

I hope you were like me yesterday when I got my Season Ticket Renewal Package.
My wife asked me what are you doing with that renewal? I told her watch and
I thru it in the trash. I’m done spending money on a lost ship, and I’m tired of seeing
thousands upon thousands of opponents jerseys every time I do go.

Some fans ave had enough. Who could blame them. The Browns have been a dysfunctional team since they returned to the NFL in 1999.  The team isn’t on the same page as the rest of the teams in the NFL and fans are getting tired of supporting a losing organization.

If Haslam expects to have the support of long time Browns fans, he is going to have to put a winner on the field. He better do it soon too….

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  1. Leo Dougherty

    I wish I could take them from this guy. Hey, when deciding on a new team to root for, try Seattle! They love their bandwagon fans. Wish I could change cities w/ him. Where he wants to win, win, win, I like going for the sights, smells, sounds of the game. I like seeing the “colors of fall” on my team. I know I am a dinosaur now, not caring about wins as much as my time out experiencing all there is to. Anyways. I just wish I could be there. Wearing my colors. Loving my team. Oh well. Wishful thinking! :-\


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