Lawrence Vickers is looking for a job. His resume shows that he can open holes so that running backs can gain positive yards. Vickers is the guy who got Peyton Hillis the best rushing season of his career. Hillis has done nothing without Vickers leading the way for him.

The Cleveland Browns offensive line sucks at run blocking, through one preseason game we have seen Cleveland backs take more hits behind the line of scrimmage than they have taken up field. The Browns could use a fullback with the skill-set of one Lawrence Vickers.

Especially with the leg problems their former number one pick Trent Richardson is suffering. The last thing the Browns need is for T-Rich to go down and miss most of the season with a leg injury. That is a huge reason the Browns should get off their butts and sign Vickers at least to a one year deal.

Vickers has more experience getting a running back past the line of scrimmage and into the open field than any other player on the Browns roster. Cleveland fans saw what happened to the running game once Vickers departed the Browns. Giving Vickers a deal to come back to Cleveland would be money well spent.

The Browns should look at it like buying an insurance policy. Not only will Vickers help their former number one pick gain positive yardage, he is a valuable target coming out of the Browns back field with good hands. Vickers never puts the ball on the turf.

He has some of the best hands of any full-back that played the game. Bringing back Lawrence Vickers to Cleveland, would give the Browns a valuable asset to help the team win. There should be nothing to discuss. The Browns should place the offer on the table and bring back the guy that was responsible for putting Hillis on the cover of Maden….


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  1. Donald pasqualetti

    They never have let him go in the first place

  2. Ricardo X

    I was dismayed when Shurmur, et. al. released Vickers. Not certain how it could work out now, but the Browns certainly wouldn’t lose face if they did bring back LV. It’d be a bit like hiring a body guard for TR. It’s only money; I’d like to see the Browns give it a try.


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