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With the 2013 NFL Draft the Cleveland Browns have selected…. Many of us sat around the boob tube not paying attention to the boobs that are bouncing around us having high expectations that the new ownership will delivers us into the light, Understanding how the draft works and using our second round pick this year to draft Josh Gordon last year I am fine with, So that brings us to the third pick in this years draft we get the Defensive Back that we needed (Leon Mcfadden), he had a solid college career but not as dynamic as the Honey Badger( Tyrann Mathieu) would of been, so he enjoys the 420 a bit to much, but he is and well be the next Ed Reed, Then with the 4th round pick the Cleveland Browns Draft wait these ass jockeys traded it to the Steelers and get nothing back until next years 3rd round. hmmm. with so many needs that makes sooo much sense, but hey we have the fifth round to address the teams needs, With the 5th round pick the Cleveland Browns Draft, wait we trade again what the Fuck are they thinking, for Indys 4th round pick next year.. Now the rest of the draft are filled with wanna bees, they will most likely make the team because we need depth, but I understand that we traded for Davone Bess, which cost us a 4th this year and a 7th this year, yes he has a great track record but this pecker wood would have been cut and we could have signed him as a street free agent, don’t get me going on prostitute gate with Quentin Groves, really only a $100 for sex and $120 for anal, well you stupid fuck at least you brought a box of Jimmy’s, Welcome to town. Then there is Jimmy the terd yes I understand it’s misspelled, enough said there, you can follow me on twitter @ russellreedshow or like me on facebook @therussellreedshow. Join me every Friday from 7-8 pm est for the Russell Reed Show on

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