8 team’s headed into the 2013 NFL season with new head coaches this season. Only 2 of those teams remain without a win. The 2 team’s that are without a win after week 2 of the regular season are the Cleveland Browns and the Jacksonville Jaguars.

The Browns finished the 2012 season with a record of 5-11. The Jaguars finished their 2012 season with only 2 wins and 14 losses, so it is understandable why they haven’t won a game yet. The Cleveland Browns on the other hand were deemed to be the most improved team in the AFC North, heading into the regular season.

Jimmy Haslam III, hired Rob Chudzinski as the team’s new head coach. Haslam deemed Chudzinski as one of the brightest young minds in the NFL. He assured the fans in Cleveland that he and Joe Banner were convinced that they hired the right guy as the team’s head coach.

With 6 other NFL team’s making a head coaching change and already winning, I wonder if Haslam and Banner still think they have made the right choice. There were other coaches the Browns could have considered after Chip Kelly ditch the Cleveland Browns.

Now, the fans in Cleveland have to wonder if their in for the same ole Browns with different faces calling the shots. Last season Chudzinski was the offensive coordinator for the Carolina Panthers.  A team with a good quarterback and some key position players.

Even with that being said, Chudzinski’s Carolina offense finished out of the top 10 in total offense and the Panthers had a record of 7-9.

The Cleveland Browns have made a habit out of hiring head coaches that haven’t had much success as offensive coordinators in the NFL. The previous head coach the Browns had, was also a loser on the offensive side of the ball in St. Louis.

Now with Chudzinski as the Browns head coach, the Cleveland tradition of losing continues. The Browns could have made better choices for a head coach. You have to wonder of Cleveland is already labeled as a place good people don’t want to come to.

The Browns could have made a run at Arians who was coming off a tremendous year with the Colts after he stepped in as the team’s head coach when Pagano went down with an illness. Yet the Browns settled on an UN-proven guy like Rob Chudzinski.

The Cleveland fans have to be asking themselves why, why does this continue to happen in Cleveland? Even with new ownership it looks like the fans are stuck with the same ole Cleveland Browns….

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  1. RICK

    LG, A little early to whine about the coach but that’s what you do best.

    • LG

      Rick, not whining just looking at the other coaches winning and the Browns losing again…..Wrong hire I would say….

  2. One fan said...

    LG, we get it. You hate the Browns. But you come off like a petulant schoolboy after each loss. Grow up already…..

    • LG

      No hate here just stating the facts

  3. Harry Phillips

    The last I checked coaches don’t drop good window thrown passes, coaches don’t seperate from there recievers in crucial situations. #rd and long we give up enough to get first downs. But, more importantly recievers don’t seperate from defenders.
    This is an offensive issue, can’t score in the red zone, only 3 pts.

    Browns for life!

  4. Dave

    Hey Miami is better than we thought, and we lost to the world champs. We will do fine when we get a couple players back.Poor play calling because there was not much choice with no wide out threat, and one who still can’t catch the ball.

  5. Jax

    LG, I understand concern for the coaching choice, but given the tools available, I am not sure Arians or anyone else would have won a game yet. In game 1, the offensive line was horrendous and the receivers dropped way too many passes. Luckily D kept them in the game. Yesterday, Weeden still had too much pressure, and he also didn’t get rid of the ball quick enough, which brings up a question, can he read a blitz? This brings up another point, are Big 12 QB’s worth the risk, being that they don’t play against tough defenses in their conference? If I were the Browns GM I would draft AJ McCarron. He’s smart, doesn’t make mistakes and can throw.

    • LG

      The reason some of the tools are available is because of bad coaching decisions…..They cut guys they should have kept….

  6. Ron

    Only thing I can hold against the new head coach is his error in judgment of keeping with the same QB. He should have seen it coming. Weeden is doing the exact same thing he did all of last season, despite having new supporting players to work with. The Brown’s organization, however, is failing the new head coach by not getting better material to work with, especially in the QB position. As professional football is a business, the Brown’s organization continues to make bad business decisions and has created the situation where the only reason for players to join the Browns is because they can’t get a job elsewhere or to prove that they are good enough t play on another team. Sa but true.

  7. RICK

    LG, Really who did they cut that they should have kept?

    • LG

      For starters with the Rb situation they should have kept Brandon Jackson. They knew they didn’t have anyone other than T-Rich to carry the ball. Then they should have went out and sign a realistic full back. Someone who could both, open holes for T-Rich and help protect the QB….That is just for starters….

  8. Arthur

    LG, not the same Brandon Jackson who had 28 carries for 43 yards in pre-season?. In the last 3 of those games he had 17 carries for 11 yards. Please don’t say that you genuinely think he would have been worth keeping with stats like those…….

    • LG

      Why not be like every one else and say the preseason don’t count for shit Arther….How about this one. You can’t tell anything from preseason. Jackson could do better than Obe that is for sure….

      • Arthur

        Exactly LG. Exactly.
        Yet the preseason counted for so much to you when you wanted to slate Weeden after the Colts game. It didn’t matter that it was preseason then did it?.
        You can’t have it both ways LG, but that’s exactly how you do want it.
        It counts for Weeden when he supposedly plays badly, but not for your guy when he does as well. Brilliant.
        This is THE prime example of the double standards you employ where Weeden is concerned, and the obvious bias you have against him.
        I think cutting Jackson was the right thing to do, but agree with you entirely that not getting in a specialist fullback has hurt the team.

  9. RICK

    LG, I guess Jackson would have made us a winning team. Those 2 yard runs sure would have helped us dammit. We don’t need more runners to run when we don’t run Richardson enough now.

    • LG

      Rick, you must be blind. Jackson was a good out let receiver out of the backfield. He was a threat once he got into the open field. He never had a chance this season and the coach panicked and put Hardesty on the IR too soon too.

  10. Greg

    Numbers don’t lie. As expected, Browns are 0 -2. I, too, was disappointed with the choice of Chud as head coach. But, he seems to be well-liked.

    • LG

      Lets see how well liked he is after a couple of more losses…..

      • Arthur

        Would it change anything for you if we won in Minnesota this weekend LG?.
        For the first time this season we should have everyone on offense fit and available, assuming Weden makes it, which I know you are praying for!.
        The full playbook can be used, and I think it will be. The Browns win.
        What do you think?…

        • LG

          Arther I am sorry to report to you that Weeden won’t be playing…The thumb is said to be pretty injured. But this will be the best test of the Cleveland run defense. AP is a beast if we can stop him and get to ponder we should win this game….Even with Hoyer….

          • Arthur

            I support the team LG, so whoever plays I will support them too. I did want Weeden at QB, and hope he still makes it, but I would actually prefer Hoyer over Campbell if not.
            I like Hoyers gunslinging style, and in a hurry up offense, which I think we will eventually have, Hoyer could be a good fit.
            Whoever plays though, I think the Browns win on Sunday, and AP runs for less than 100 yards. That’s my prediction, not my hope.
            The difference maker is Ponder. He is not Tannehill, and he is certainly no Flacco. If we put the game in his hands we are food enough to win, and with the defense playing better, and gaining more fitness each week, I do expect a victory. I don’t even want to think about what it will mean if we lose…..

  11. JM

    Ya LG lets take a look at those other 6 teams. The Bears, 10-6 last year. Trestman sure walked in to a mess there. Cardinals 5-11 and went out and acquired Palmer. Eagles 4-12 but still have at least a average mobile QB. Chargers 7-9 and have Rivers that seems to have new life. Bills 6-10 with the first QB taken in the draft, we’ll see how that works out over time. Chiefs 2-14 and what was the first thing Reid did? yes, went out and traded for a QB. I am sure even you can see the pattern here. Almost every post you rag on Weeden but all of sudden its all Chuds doing. If you think Chud has the finale say on players I have some ocean front property in Wyoming I will let you have real cheap.


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