Could Carson Palmer really be heading to the Arizona Cardinals? Is Bruce Arians the new head coach ready to pay head games with a guy like Palmer? A better question is would the Cardinals want to absorb the big expense of a guy like Palmer who is injury pron?

Arians is a great offensive minded coach, but bringing in Palmer could give the rookie head coach a headache he really doesn’t need to deal with. Palmer gets hurt a lot and the Arizona protection is questionable to say the least.

NFL dot come has a big story on their site about the possibility of Palmer landing in the desert. The report said, acquiring Palmer makes no sense financially. The NFL reporter goes on to say, unless they can work out better terms financially,  the Cardinals shouldn’t make this move.

Dealing with Palmer is never easy. The guy just thinks to highly of himself and he doesn’t think he should redo his contract to take less money. He is in for a major wake up call. Palmer has done nothing lately to deserve over 13 million dollars a year.

He has to be kidding himself. Throughout his NFL career the man has been labeled as a selfish individual. He has always been about himself and has displayed just how selfish he can be when he wouldn’t return the the Bengals.

There is now way Arians should take on a guy like Palmer unless the two of them can sit down and put the rules of Palmer’s behavior on the table first. The Cardinals should offer Palmer an incentive base contract that pays him on his performance.

The team should have a clause in the contract that protects the team if Palmer falls to injury. This guy brings way too much baggage to the desert and he just isn’t worth the kind of money he wants to be paid.

Bruce Arians is a smart man. He is going to have to decide of he wants to put his team through a Palmer experience in his first year as the team’s head coach. Arians has a way to work with quarterbacks, he could turn Palmer into a winner. But the price that Palmer is asking just isn’t worth the trouble the team would suffer if they signed this nut-case.

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