When it comes to sucking, New England fans are quick to point the finger at quarterback Tim Tebow. Well, in last nights game the Patriots sucked and they did it all by themselves with Tebow standing on the sidelines watching. The Patriots made the Lions look like a great football team without the help of Tim Tebow.

New England never really looked like the team that is a contender in this game. For some reason Brady never really got going and he looked a little out of shorts. Yes this is preseason and yes you use these games as nothing more than a tune up. But Belichick and Brady normally don’t look this bad.

The Patriots offense is usually an offense that can make something happen. Not in this game, they looked like they were under prepared. They looked like a team that forgot to practice. They looked like a team that lost some of its best players over the off season and could use some better receivers.

Another thing that looked under-prepared for the game was the Patriots offense line. They couldn’t protect their quarterback, they couldn’t run block and they looked like they needed some help on the O-line. The season is about to start. If the Patriots don’t get their act together before the first game of the regular season, they may as well play Tom Tebow.

There would be no sense in getting Tom Brady killed out there. Especially if the team can’t be competitive.


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