Yesterday after Jason Collins the 7 foot center cam out as the first gay player in the NBA, he was shocked to get a call from the president of the United States Barack Obama. Frankly, so am I. There are thousands of people throughout the United States that perform life saving tasks on a daily basis that won’t get a call from the President of the United States of America.

What’s wrong with this picture? Is this what America has come to? We give calls to a guy who is openly gay and plays basketball in the NBA. There is something seriously wrong with the picture America is painting. The country and lots of people who live here, have lost their minds. Since when is someones sexual preference a reason to get a phone call from the most powerful man in the free world?

Jason Collins came out gay. So what, who really cares, why would the president come out and commend this guy for doing so? Doesn’t the president have enough on his plate? The guy should pay attention to creating jobs and getting the country running smoothly again. He shouldn’t be worried about professional athletes coming out as the first gay in sports.

How about all the people who responded to the Boston Bombing a couple of weeks ago, did they all get a phone call from Obama? America has got to get its priorities back in order. Calling a professional gay athlete shouldn’t be on the top of a president’s to do list.

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  1. Matt

    Exactly. I, as a Christian believe that homosexuality is just as immoral (and sin) as adultry. Amazing that every time I turn on espn I hear an ideological monopoly over the airwaves. Rediculous. How is this guy a “hero” or “courageous?” Courageous for being a pervert?

    • LG

      As I said, American has a bad set of priorities……Terrible


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