The Boston Police and the FBI were looking for 2 men that were caught on video Monday with back packs that they suspected to be bombs. Last night at approximately, 10:30 p.m. the men were trying to rob a Boston area 7-11 store. Police were alerted and a shoot out took place. While in pursuit of the suspects, bombs were apparently being toss at police. One of the suspects were shot and killed, he died at the hospital after attempts to  resuscitate him failed.

The suspects are from Russia according to reports. Both men have only been in America for approximately 10 years. Both men are from a part of Russia that reportedly have ties to al qaeda. It is not clear if the suspects were actually part of any al qaeda, but being Chechens, there is a possibility al qaeda had training camps near the area where these guys are from.

The suspects are brothers. The surviving suspect was identified as Dzhokhar A. Tsarnaev, 19, of Cambridge, Mass. In the massive man-hunt a college security guard was killed. With one suspect still on the loose, authorities have shut down  Several area colleges. Classes have been canceled and people are being urged to stay in their houses.

The remaining suspect is considered armed and extremely dangerous. It is not clear if he has bombs with him, but he does have weapons. Mass transit is shut down in the Boston and surrounding areas.  The town of Water-town is completely locked down. Now vehicle traffic is allowed anywhere near the town and people are strongly urged to stay in their homes.

Police are conducting a door to door search for the suspect and they will get him sooner or later. Lets all hope no more  people get hurt while this man hunt takes place. Boston has seen enough violence this week.


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