In a recent USA reports entitled Grading the NFL’s Rookie Coaches”the  author places blame for the in abilities if Brandon Weeden in head coach Rob Chudzinski and Browns offensive coordinator Norv Turner. The author said, Weeden’s regression from “mediocre” to “throws football underhand into traffic” does not speak well of Team Norv & Chud’s legendary ability to develop quarterbacks.”

Is this guy serious? Then he went on to say; “tossing Jason Campbell into the fray against the Chiefs was a sign of surrender. Which may have been the point.”

Didn’t he see the Browns did anything but wave the white flag, there no signs of surrender at all from what I could see. Campbell exceeded everyone’s expectations and he out performed anything we have seen from Weeden this season.

He can’t place the blame on Turner for what he calls a Weeden regression. In order for Norv to develop a quarterback, he has to have a quarterback.  Weeden is a failed baseball pitcher who left the game with a sore shoulder after spending 6 years in the minor league.

The only thing he brought to the NFL was the ability to throw a football. He doesn’t know the game and he doesn’t have the mental capacity to understand the offensive play-book. The Browns were stuck with Weeden as a left over someone forgot to throw out.

He wasn’t any goof when the Browns left for the off-season after the 2012 season and how anyone in their right mind thought he could be good this season is still the million dollar question.

Chud and Turner needed something to work with. Something that could at least understand the concept of NFL football, that something isn’t a 30-year-old who only played any kind of organized football for a few years after his failed attempt in the Major Leagues.

This USA Today writer is being far too hard on rookie head coach Chudzinski. He has done a great job this season with what he had to work with. He can’t help the fact he had to work with someone’s left overs from a failed wasted first round draft pick.

Chud and the Browns want to win, if they didn’t they would still be playing the guy that is wasting the coaches time. You can’t develop someone who is as undeveloped as Brandon Weeden is in 3 months. It would take 5 years.

You can read the USA Today article here.


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  1. Anonymous

    You have these clown writers that never watch a team, but have to write a cloumn, so they make themselves look like complete idiots

    • LG


  2. AL

    Only thing someone failed at was picking up a real NFl Qb I thought when you get signed as a Pro and get paid you already no how to play , not some place to learn how to play , you could pull a guy out of the stands at the game and do that !

    • Anonymous

      Weedon wasnt Chud or Turner’s failed pick. He was the last failed regime’s bust that they got stuck with.

  3. Kathleen

    can’t blame coaches they don’t throw the football

  4. JIM V

    If they are as good as written, about Chud & Norv, they should have saw long before the 2nd game with the Ravens, What type of QB Weedon is!..The one thing that still bothers me is Coach Chud never seems to get MAD!…Can you imagine Weedon playing for Lombardi, Paul Brown, Woody Hayes, Bill Cowher or Coach Sam Ect. The Winners in the NFL Coaches get PISSED OFF!

    • LG

      They would have killed him…

  5. JIM V


  6. Daniel Jones

    The way the team responded after the Trent Richardson trade was encouraging although leading at halftime in most games and still losing leaves questions about the halftime adjustments?

    • LG

      What halftime adjustments? LOL


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