According to the New York Times, the NFL  used high pressure tactics to get ESPN to pull out of their partnership with PBS. ESPN and PBS were working together to bring a show to the airways called “League Of Denial.” This report would shed a lot of light on the leagues part when dealing with concussions.

ESPN and the NFL are both denying that the league pressured ESPN into parting ways with PBS. But a couple of people with direct knowledge say the NFL had a great deal to do with ESPN suddenly pulling out of the show Frontline, which is an investigative look into the NFL and how they handled all the head injuries.

Soon after PBS issued a statement on Thursday concerning the end of the partnership, ESPN issued their own statement saying the reason they backed out was due to lack of editorial control. If that was a problem, why didn’t officials inside ESPN sit down and have a meeting with the people over at PBS?

This is just another look into how the NFL is trying to control anything to do with concussions, before the law suit gets to court.

If the league would have worried about the concussions the way they are worried about controlling anything to do with concussion these days, there wouldn’t be a law suit right now. You can read more about the New York Times claims by following this link….



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