The first mistake the Cleveland Browns made was drafting Brandon Weeden in the first round of the 2012 NFL draft. The second mistake the team made under new ownership mind you, was having yesterday’s practice open for members of the media to watch.

Reports coming out of Cleveland this morning are saying Brandon Weeden sucked at practice yesterday. It is no wonder the Browns went out and signed another quarterback to the team. Weeden was asked if this others him and the guy said he is not listening to the talk.

Weeden just doesn’t get NFL football, he might have been gifted with a powerful arm but he lacks the mental capacity to understand the workings of the game. Brandon Weeden went on to say in his short interview that he couldn’t function if he listened to the talk surrounding the Cleveland quarterback situation.

If you listen to the media they would have you to believe he can’t function anyway. Weeden is in way over his head. The Browns for the first time in years have a real offensive mind setting up the Cleveland Offense. Weeden might be a nice guy with a strong-arm but he can’t understand the complexities of a real NFL offense.

They made it simple for him last season. When a play was called he couldn’t recall going over in practice and mistakes were made, he complained after the games. They made the offense in college very simple for him in college. They are not going to tailor the offense  this season to fit Brandon Weeden’s simple mind.

He either gets it or he doesn’t, at this point in time it is looking like he is not getting it. The fact that he can’t understand a real NFL  offense will cost the  former 22nd pick in the 2012 NFL draft his starting job. Just watching Weeden in practice yesterday was enough for the Browns brass to go out and sign another back up quarterback.

If Weeden continues to perform the way he did yesterday, he may not be on the Browns once the season starts…..

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  1. steve

    Good God. Review and edit. Just as it seems anyone can be a nfl Qb I guess anyone can pretend to be a online reporter. It is hard to take anything you say with poor punctuation and grammar.

  2. Mike

    Were you there? Did you see him stink? Reports? What reports? Listen to this report…YOU are an idiot.

    • LG

      The Entire Cleveland media covered it of coarse I was there..

      • MG

        Of “coarse” this writer is a joke.

        • LG

          Everything you don’t agree with is a joke. Why don;t you leave an intelligent argument or is that too far above your head?


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