When the Cleveland Browns quarterback Brandon Weeden went down with an injured thumb on his throwing hand, the Cleveland fans got a taste of what winning was like.

Chudzinski passed over the team’s second string quarterback and went with Brian Hoyer for a couple of starts. The results were amazing, the same team with the same offensive line and the same receivers were able to win a couple of games in a row.

The fans once again knew what it was like to see winning football, produced by a quarterback who knew what he was doing and a defense that looked unstoppable.

Even when Weeden was healthy, the team decided to start Hoyer. Then the unthinkable happened, Hoyer went down within minutes of his third consecutive start, with a season ending knee injury.

Chud as he is caled on the Cleveland sidelines went back to Weeden. The fans jumped to their feet and started booing him as soon as he stepped foot on the field. Surprisingly enough Weeden didn’t screw it up and the Cleveland Browns beat the Bills to pull of their 3rd win in a row.

Was it because of Weeden taking over the offense once again or was it due to the fact the Browns defense knock the other team’s QB out of the game and got outstanding special team’s play?

For the sack of the argument, we will say, it was a combination of all three. Brandon Weeden has had 3 starts for the Browns during the 2013 season. The team lost the game yesterday and part of it was because Weeden still made a couple of bone headed plays.

After heading into the locker room with a 10 point lead, the Cleveland Browns came back to the field and it was the same old Brandon Weeden the fans grew to hate.

He was totally ineffective during the second half and the Browns defense was forced to stay on the field longer than they should have. The fans saw a 30-year-old QB who hasn’t matured into the position at all.

Weeden threw 2 interceptions and could even get the Browns into field goal range for an entire 30 minutes of football. The Browns offense looked terrible and the result was another loss with Brandon Weeden as the team’s starting quarterback

Today there is news of people burning their Weeden Jerseys. The Browns have decided there will be no change at quarterback. The same coaches who decided to keep Weeden off to the side when Hoyer was winning, are sticking with Weeden.

At his press conference today head coach Rob Chudzinski said,  “it was just one game.” he went on to say; “I thought Brandon played well in spurts.”  really, is that how you win games in the NFL? You go with a quarterback who plays well in spurts?

Then came the worse news of all, Chud and his coaches never even talked about replacing Brandon Weeden at QB.

The same fans who just got used to winning better get used to losing. because with Brandon Weeden as the team’s starting quarterback, the Cleveland Browns are going to be doing a lot of losing.

Especially over the next few weeks.  Chudzinski also said the team will continue looking for a 3rd string quarterback Maybe that’s why they aren’t replacing Weeden yet, they have to find a 3rd string player to replace him with. The team may look too good with the 2nd string QB playing…..





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  1. AL

    Im sure the fans will enjoy this news as much as Weeden has to enjoy his birthday locked in his home hiding , I’m happy there burning jerseys ,next home game should be no shows except the poor season ticket holders showing up to throw there tickets in a burning barrel and leaving proud ,anyone can play god in spurts this is supposed to be a professional QB there are probably 100′s or 1000′s of guys that could step in and play better than him , I would be happy to see them pull a guy out of the beer line to play ,at least you’d no what to expect, sounds like best fans can hope for in a injury sad to say ! And way not Cambell …why is he even there then !!!! Give the fans what they want ,they are the team !!!!!!

  2. herb

    It does not take a rocket scientist to know that Weedon is not an NFL quarterback; Chud needs to go right along with Brandon

  3. Jim Perry

    The Browns, clearly don’t want to win because they are staying with Weeden as their QB. I do not understand this. Why?

  4. Anonymous

    Why can’t they just sign Tebow and see how he does? Would be so much better than Weeden. I just want to see them keep winning. I don’t care if it is ugly. At least Tebow knew how to win in Denver!!!!

  5. marty

    Weedon has never been a driving force in any of the Brown’s win. He has been a cancer to the Browns.As the nature of cancer it will spread and destroy this team. From day one, weedon has never showed any capability of a NFL Quarterback.He is not a quick thinker,plays with fear, overthrows the ball,hangs onto the ball too long, but most of all, does not have the heart for the game.CUT HIM NOW.He has no trade value at all.

  6. Ed

    Why in the world is Chud trying to turn a donkey (Weeden) into a race horse? It’s not going to happen. I have been a Browns fan for over 50 years and I have never seen such a poor excuse for a quarterback as Weeden is. Your right about Chud, he must not want to win anymore with Weeden running the show. The worst part about this situation, we have 10 more weeks to watch this idiot.

  7. Old Goat

    This may not be Chud’s call entirely. Weedhead will lead the browns into a race for the worst record in the NFL and a high draft choice. They just can not bring themselves to face reality. maybe Chud knows something we all don’t know.I like Chud, but something smells bad.

  8. UpATree



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