Rookie head coach Rob Chudzinski proved to the Browns fan base that he and his staff is committed to winning. He earned his first win in the NFL as a head coach today after making some less than desirable decisions that would have the fans base in a up-roar.

The team picked 3rd string quarterback Brian Hoyer to start in Minnesota and they traded their former first pick in last years draft to the Colts for a first round pick in next years draft. The fans that call themselves the best fans in the NFL had thought the team had thrown in the towel on winning in 2013.

Chudzinski and his coaching staff proved today nothing was farther from the truth. He and his staff were able to do something with a back up quarterback that they were unable to do this season. They won a football game.

Chud and company pulled every trick out of their hats to get this win. They pulled off a fake punt and picked up a ton pf yards to get the team some more points in the game, then they pulled off a fake field go that would lead to a Cleveland touchdown.

Now Chudzinksi and his coaching staff have a tough decision to deal with.  They need to decide whether to start Brandon Weeden against the Bengals or stick with the guy who got the team a win in Minnesota.

Maybe Hoyer isn’t the franchise quarterback that will lead the Browns to the play offs, but he is the guy who was able to do something for coach Chudzinski that Weeden hasn’t been able to do, get him a win.

Chudzinski wouldn’t confirm whether Weeden would get his starting job back with the Browns when he named Hoyer the starter going into week 3. Now that he has seen what Hoyer brings to the table Chuzinksi should use the Weeden-B-Gon and rid the Cleveland Browns of this bust out quarterback named Brandon Weeden. Even the Weeden fans can’t see a valid reason to keep this guy around.

He folds under pressure and he continues to make the same mistakes he has made in 17 games. Chuzinski needs to grab the jug of LG’s Weeden-B-Gon and use it generously to cut this distraction from the team.

The Browns already made a decision to get rid of a popular player they wasted a first round pick on last week,why not go for 2 and get rid of the other Holmgren mistake. Grab the Weeden-B-Gon and use it Chud. That is what it is there for…….

Don’t risk your reputation with a soon to be 30-year-old quarterback who has helped to contribute to the Browns losing seasons. The team and the fans deserve more. They deserve some more of what we saw today.




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  1. Old goat

    LG that is a good one. He needs to join Daffy Duck or better known Holgrem

  2. superdouche

    so we played a weak vikes team and won with 3 picks do that with a good team and you will lose every time we were the better team and still barley won with a true deep threat the entire game changed weeden is the best option by far you call it what you want lg as you can see no one even comments on the one sided post you write and they are banning together to have you removed from even being able to write your posts no one belives in your views or your one sided analysis of our browns face it the vikes are a bad team period and weeden would have won the games just as easily there is a reason hoyer was cut more times than hes started gordan changes the entire way a def has to play our team our defense is good enough to win games with bad qb play as we witnessed yesterday bottom line weeden is the better qb period and if you say Gordon didn’t change the game

    • LG

      Hey superdouche the name really fits you. Could you not see this kid played a much better game then weeden ever has? OUr defense let ponder walk to the end-zone twice or we would have own big…..

    • ab

      dude you didn’t use 1 single f’ing period. You basically wrote one giant rambling never ending sentence. Are you f’ing retarded?

      • LG

        I think you need to get your eyes checked there are some periods in there…..

  3. Craig

    Why don’t you compare Weeden Stats to Hoyers and see which one is better. We played a less talented team Hoyer had a little better protection and had Gordon back do you even think before you post. I am not a Weeden fan but come on man one game against a less talented team doesn’t mean shit. Maybe this is whats always wrong with the browns team for the last decade. Dumb asses like you posting grab like this.

    • LG

      Craig what game were you watching yesterday. (Much Better Protection) are you serious? He was sacked 3 times and hit 8 times. The only reason he wasn’t sacked more was his ability to move his feet. And as far as the stats go, Hoyer has 1 win Weeden has none. How many other stats really matter? How about the stat that says Weeden and the Browns were the worse NFL offense in the red zone in 2012. I am sure you knew that one right? Weeden played more than 7 1/4′s of football this season and has one TD and 3 int’s this kid has 3 INT’s and 3 TD’s I say we win with the kid…..

    • Old goat

      Do you mean like the Colts, Oh I forgot Weedhead lost against them or maybe the Dolphins, oh sorry weedhead lost to them too. hmm lets see weedhead loses against any real team that is better than Iggy. The true test will come next week against the bengals, but mark my words Weedhead will turn cheers to tears. he is not NFL caliber. the Browns should give him his unconditional release so he could get on with another team LOL. maybe like the Panty Waist League. did you ntice that not even the Canuks or the Russkies would offer anything. it is time to move on.

  4. Arthur

    Too much back slapping going on here LG. I know you and your friends are excited, as am I, but Weeden is simply not as bad as you make out and it is unfair to say he would not have won this game had he been able to throw to Gordon.
    The Bengals will provide a much better test for Hoyer, and while I think he should keep the job for now, we will all be a lot wiser next week and Weeden may not yet be finished in Cleveland.

    • LG

      We will find out Arthur….

    • tigersbrowns2

      hi ARTHUR … excellent level-headed post.

  5. Old goat

    LG the only stat that really matters is wins. Everything else is fluff. Weedhead needs to be sent down the road to join Daffy Duck or is it Holgrem

    • LG


  6. david thompson

    the browns or the rotten city of Cleveland do not deserve a class act like Brandon weeden hope he lands some were he can shine you dumb ass people look owner changed front office changed
    coach changed give the guy a brake the Vikings are a bad team so I think tim tebow could have won sunday I don’t care just the same.

    • LG

      Hey tebow is a lot better than Weeden, Tebow had more than 5 NFL wins if I am not mistaken and he won a play off game too. Weeden will never see an NFL play off game unless he is watching it on TV

  7. Big Duke

    I hope this Weeden B GON is a total vegetation killer and not just a weeden killer. The whole plant needs to be removed all the way down to the roots. Some tough weedens have these things called “rhizomes” and you need a really strong weeden killer to get rid of them hopefully on just first application or these weedens will keep sprouting back year after year frustrating you!!!


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