By Jeff Leaf

bull-1That’s right, running of the bulls in America I believe is BULLsh*t!
From what I have read this will be beyond a watered down version of
the REAL running of the bulls in Pamplona Spain. For one, the bulls
being used here are of a tamer bread than the bulls of Pamplona.
Other items…it’s on grass and/or dirt so the bulls don’t get hurt.
This will also be a fenced in area much wider than the streets in Spain
with “hiding” spots for the chickens to get out of the way of this donkey-bread
bull. (I know, I talk a good game and you are right…this chicken
will stay in the bar while the real men do the fake run.)

Then again, to defend the idiots paying for this, most that would love
to do the real thing in Pamplona just can’t shell out the big bucks
it would take to get there. Myself, even if I could afford to make
the trip…I’m not risking my life running from the bulls. I’ll be
the drunk hanging out one of those balconies laughing my ass of
while the “stupids” get gored, run over and sodomized by a 1,000 pound beast!

I could go on and on and on…bottom line is to leave the tradition in Pamplona!!!

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