By Jim Amato

Scott LeDoux of Minnesota was a heavyweight contender in  the 1970′s and 80′s. He was a game and rugged customer who crossed gloves with some of the best the heavyweight division had to offer during his era

In his  fifty-bout career Scott met eight heavyweight champions.  EIGHT! George Foreman, Leon Spinks, Ken Norton, Mike Weaver, Gerrie Coetzee,  Frank Bruno,Larry Holmes and Greg Page. On July 7,1980 Scott met Larry  Holmes for the WBC title. He was stopped in seven rounds. In addition to meeting  eight champs, he also fought three men who challenged for crown. They were Ron  Lyle, Terry Daniels and Ron Stander. He also met other worthy contenders like  Duane and Rodney Bobick, Marty Monroe, Dino Dennis, Larry Middleton and Johnny  Boudreaux. Scott’s bout with Boudreaux stands out. It was part of the United States Boxing  Tourney. LeDoux lost a very debatable decision. A little scuffle ensued and  somewhere in melee Howard Cosell’s toupee was dislodged. Fond memories…


My favorite LeDoux fight was his battle with Ken Norton. Well behind on  points the gutsy LeDoux mounted a rally to close the gap. He had Norton out on  his feet at the final bell. The bout ended in a draw. After his career ended Scott did some fine work as a TV commentator. He later served as the Minnesota boxing commissioner. Scott passed away a while back after a spirited battle with Lou Gerhig’s disease. May he rest in peace.

Jim Amato

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