According to a Fox news report that came out moments ago, A law enforcement official has details about a suspect in the Boston Marathon bombing and they plan to make an arrest very soon. The official talked to the AP according to the Fox report, condition of anonymity.

No one is authorized to divulge details of the investigation. The official said, the suspect is to be taken into custody by federal marshals and taken to a Boston courthouse. The investigation seemed to be at a dead end when, Law enforcement agencies had earlier pleaded for the public to come forward with photos, videos or any information that might help them solve the twin bombings.

The FBI said nobody had claimed responsibility for the two bombs that went off, killing 3 and injuring 170 others. It should be interesting to see who the suspect is and where he or she comes from. There is no motive for hurting people in the streets of Boston on Monday. The said reality is, nothing can be done to reverse the damage these bombs created.

No matter what they do to who ever is responsible for this cowardly act, it won’t be enough to make up for the damage they created. According to an A.P. Report, AP says surveillance cameras at the bomb site could help lead to the arrest.

According to Reuters, the Boston bombing suspect was identified on surveillance video, no arrest made at this time. This report came out moments ago at 2:50 P.M..

UPDATE: Now reports are coming out about, Moakley Federal Courthouse in Boston, where some 1,000 reporters had been gathering in advance of a potential arrest, is being evacuated. Apparently a bomb threat was called in. Here’s the scene at the courthouse downtown. What a sick world we are living in. Also a women’s hospital was evacuated in the Boston area due to am abandoned vehicle, the all clear was given there and people were allowed re-entry.


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