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Willis McGahee browns
One big reason Willis McGahee makes more sense to the Cleveland Browns than Trent Richardson did.

Browns fans are shocked by the news of trading Trent Richardson. What they don’t understand, if the fact that he failed to produce as a 3rd over-all pick in the NFL draft ...

NFL pressured ESPN
Report,Roger Goodell and NFL pressure ESPN to pull out of “Frontline” A Show about Concussion Investigation

According to the New York Times, the NFL  used high pressure tactics to get ESPN to pull out of their partnership with PBS. ESPN and PBS were working together to bring a ...

Yes, it is Okay to Live Stream the Football Game

Football season is upon us. If you cannot, or maybe just do not want to pay money for an NFL package to see professional football teams across the country, there is another ...

Who knew?
Jimmy Haslam: I wasn’t aware of this… So Who was?

Cleveland Browns owner Jimmy Haslam says he was “absolutely not” aware of and did not participate in the practices that led to the federal investigation into his Pilot Flying J company. If ...

O.J. Simpson trial
Is the world ready for another O.J. Simpson trial? We could be heading that way.

Former Buffalo Bill and Pro Football Hall Of Fame running back O.J. Simpson, will be back in a Las Vegas courthouse on Monday. Simpson is having a hearing to see if he ...

Lombardi press conference
The Cleveland Browns let Michael Lombardi out of hiding to hold a press conference on the Davone Bess trade.

For most of the off-season Joe Banner and the Cleveland Browns have kept general manager Michael Lombardi in hiding. Banner said earlier that Lombardi was too much of a lightning rod. The ...

Tim Tebow out of the NFL?
Are Tim Tebow’s days in the NFL coming to an end?

Just a day ago, we heard stories about how well Tim Tebow’s quarterbacking skills were coming along. Today, there are stories saying yesterday’s story was purely manufactured to get a quarterback coach ...

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